Goddess of Winter

Sitting in my car awaiting my next appointment in the freezing cold. We have a high of -12 C (that’s about 10 F)…yes, I said ‘high’.

Sipping warm coffee and it feels like a goddess’ tongue during a deep kiss, exploring…tasting…a battle royale with my own tongue as its warmth fills my mouth first…but that warmth filtering down to the tips of my toes.

I look out the window and am greeted by a rather curvy snow drift. That same goddess, gazing at me from her side…gorgeous smooth skin glistening as I follow the curves from her neck and bare shoulder…straight along her side, rising at the hip before continuing down her long bare leg to her feet stretched out. This goddess is a real woman, curving where she should and not trying to hide anything.

The face on this snow goddess is not quite ‘come hither’. She is alluring, but not quite ready…the look is more about being ready to be seduced. Being ready to be led to where she would allow her manservant to lead her.

A blast of cold wind, strong enough that I can feel it in the enclosed car…sends shivers down my spine. This goddess wants me to take her, and so I ask, “How far?”

Does she want to be taken with strength to cause her cold breath to turn to banshee moans of cold winds whipping through trees? Or does she want to be taken gently to cause her snow white skin to melt and create that beautiful stream that the first melt brings?

I’m ready, either way. The Goddess of Winter is here, and only the unworthy think of hibernation.

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