What Would Fozzie Do?

“…the most sensational
This is what we call the Muppet Show!”

Yes, I only quote top 40 lyrics.

Was lucky enough to get offered tickets for my oldest daughter’s show tonight. He first on stage professional job as she is one of the children in Joseph and his Dreamcoat.

Tix for this show are normally near $100 after taxes. It is a dinner theatre, but it is still the most expensive show my kids have made me come to see. Were it not for the freebies, I would likely be February before I would have gotten there.

As such, my day gets thrown off kilter as I scream home to feed the Doberman…and let me tell ya, he ain’t impressed to be in the porch again after I got home. He gave me that wtf look as I filled his dinner bowl and three him out there. I’m sure the punishment will be swift and severe…likely cold feet tonight.

My car, already late for an oil change will stretch it another 300 kms tonight before that happens. *groan* I hate doing that, I really do. I know they exaggerate in order to get a few more duckets paid in maintenance, but if something goes, I’m dead meat. Not like I can afford the relatively major maintenance repairs they already are looking to do. I am honestly not sure if, never mind when I’ll be able to do it. I was at my office and quietly praying for the snow plow to wipe my truck out so that I can deal with insurance and get a cheaper vehicle…

Anyhow, off we trundle, an hour across the top of the city for my little girls, again. My youngest is on stage in their annual Christmas show…my eldest is usually in that, too…but due to Joseph she couldn’t do the rehearsals and isn’t in that one. Considering she is getting paid, I doubt there is any issue. Luckily, I get to skip that one. Never mind the issue I have with Christmas being the small ‘p’ Pagan that I am.

Well, won’t be long and it will be time to light some lights.

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