Black Boots

Boots are just the beginning of fantasy.

Well, women’s boots…a friend mentioned how she is wearing new black boots this morning and, as in my lot, my thoughts are drooling again.

I must discuss the correct usage of boots.

First off, worn properly…the higher the better. Mid-calf is the absolute minimum or they do not count in this discussion.

Next, once they are covered in snow and muck…useless to me. They lose their appeal.

Yes, their main purpose is usually warmth…however, I propose, and perhaps much more important, that good as they look on a goddess walking along the street hailing a cab…they look much better wrapped around the naked hips of a partner while the goddess enjoys the hobble-de-ga-ga.

Now, on a more serious note…there are some that suggest that a seductively dressed woman is asking for rape. Well, this reasoning is why the hijab is used by some cultures…laying the weakness of men at the feet of women. The problem with this is that, by nature, women’s fashions tend to be a bit seductive…example, they wear boots for warmth and I get a hard on…at least I am strong enough to know that is my issue…and, boots or not, sex is a gift to be offered by a goddess, not taken by a monster. In my mind, a woman who dresses even remotely fashionable or seductive should expect to be looked at…perhaps a double take…but it ends there.

Now, back to my initial discussion…were I a fashion designer, I would attempt to come up with boots that were so pleasurable to wear for a goddess…to make her enjoy slipping her legs into them as much as a man enjoys slipping his erection into her.

Ok, bit of a stretch there…men go stupid due to want of that pleasure and, I suppose, one of the genders needs to keep their mind in the act. Seriously, if both genders were run by their pleasure centres, we would never get anything accomplished and likely be flooded with ‘accidental’ pregnancies.

Mind you…hmmm…people are concerned about decreasing populations in western societies…perhaps this is a solution for that.

Thinking I need volunteers to try these boots out on when I make the prototypes. The volunteers would have to experience the ultimate pleasures…then put the boots on to show that they are even better.

Hmmm…not only potential for this, but thinking there is possibilities for my budding photography career as well.


  1. This post made me laugh. I am so delighted to hear that you can control your animal urges enough to know that your erection is your problem to deal with not the woman you are perving on.

    As for boots, I love mine too, check out my post…..’The power of the hot pants’ to see them in action so to speak


    1. One of the biggest flaws in society is when men (and some hollier than thou women do it as well) blame a woman for a random turn on. Just another example how people would rather blame someone else than take responsibility for their own actions.

      I will look at your post next time I am on a landline again.

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