Trapped On High

The dog is trapped at the top of the stairs…seriously.

This older black Doberman has made a habit of sliding or falling down them. He now only goes down when someone is with him…I don’t know, perhaps he thinks they’ll be softer to land on if he tumbles again.

Admittedly, being an older farmhouse, the stairs are a good rake and, being uncarpeted, he does not have much grip on white paint.

However, everyday he still climbs them. He returns to his perch above and lays at the top. Then the whining starts…”Help me, I want down!”

Then I will go to the top. Lightly hold his collar and the two of us will make our way back to the ground. For the record, I only hold his collar with the purpose of him feeling my hand…I’m not griping and letting him pull me down those stairs with him.

It does scare me that I will one day find him laying motionless at the stair landing…hopefully not how he’ll go. Again, with his age, I believe he’ll be gone sometime this year…I’m just hoping his last thought isn’t in fear of the ground rushing at his head.


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