Drink Up

I have no scientific study to back this up. I have no proof. Let’s call it my Spidey senses.

All these energy drinks that have been on the market, more and more, over the last 10 to 15 years. Considering how I know some in Europe drink them like they’re drinking water…this is a bit frightening.

The human body, last I checked, needs to shut down every so often. To take a break…to sleep even. Yet people have become so afraid to miss anything that they hop themselves up on these drinks in order to stave off that need. Regardless of whether the drink has caffeine, ginsing or even re-oxyginated water…how could this possibly be safe? How could this be healthy?

Has anyone forgotten the history of things like this? Example…coughing and lung damage are certainly negligible when compared to how cool cigarettes make you look. Perhaps I need to remind people of Thalidimide…or Aspartame (he says as he sips from his Coke Zero…don’t judge me O_o).

Last week, as has been our Monday night tradition, we were watching an episode of Big Bang Theory where the tall one (think the character is Sheldon) has his first coffee and goes completely insane with the caffeine rush…fiction, sure…even an exaggeration…but how much?

Don’t like fictional examples? Last year at just about this time I was always feeling drowsy. My doctor cut me off caffeine, completely…right through until February. After a couple of weeks of headaches, my energy returned in spades…no energy drinks required.

All these chemicals that we put into our body in blissful ignorance…and yet we claim shock and surprise when people suddenly die of heart failure or a stroke…or are diagnosed with cancer or the like. I’m pretty sure that when cigarettes first reared their stinky heads, the cancer connection was a surprise then, too.

Leaves me with only one thing to say…smoke ’em if you got ’em, because we at least know those results…at with my allergies, smoke one for me too, because I can’t.


  1. As a Finnish bartender, I used to work many late nights in a row, got extremely tired until found energy drinks, 1st was our local “Battery.” Had 6-7 0,33l cans in less than 4 hours and I tell ya… The shakes, the mood up rising, aw maaaaan SO full of energy – felt like nothing could stop me. That was of course before the down hill started, all the shit from my vains started to wear out – then came 100 times bigger tiredness than the original was. So I had the same set again on the next night. After about 6 months of this, major stomach problams begun and simply decided to swap to coffee. I´ve also seen the result of young adults having MASSIVE dosages of hard liq combined to energy drinks and the sight isn´t pretty. I´m more on the line, remove that shit out of the market.

    Anja Evans

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