She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain When She Cums (for Base)

Just saw a man about a horse…literally.  My back is ready to give out…my legs feel like I’ve been straddling a barrel all day…but we did it.

Myself and the little one both got our horses (her’s was Gazoo…in essence, riding Gazoo is like riding a couch…and mine was Angus, a tall black Percheron gelding).  Giggles abound in the arena as we wandered to and fro through the pylons and around the stacks of hay.  Second time this year I’ve actually been up on one…third time since I was only 10 myself, which my daughter here will be in about three weeks.

Ah well, it was fun and we get to do it again in two weeks…again.  Were her sister here, I would have had to forgo my ride, but…much fun as it was…I suspect I’d be less sore.

Oh well, probably post something meatier after the little girl is asleep…a good day…damned cold out there now (even the doberman didn’t want to go out to pee) and we might see a dusting of snow flying through the air tonight, but a very good day.

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